Thursday, January 24, 2013

How I Can Tell My Meds Are Off

The energy and euphoria that came from switching to the blue pills was too short-lived.My meds are off again. Here's how I can tell:

  • Fourteen people looked at me today and said, "Oh my God, what's wrong?" Well, darn. I thought I was doing ok.

  • Vertigo. 

I am extremely proud that I didn't fall down today. It occurs to me that this should not be such a large accomplishment.

  • It's cold in here. Actually, it's not. But I'm freezing.

  • Shenanigans. There are none. I do not have the capacity for imagination or shenanigans. I can't think of anything clever or... something like clever. I'm like Nitnots here. Intellectually, I know I should miss the creativity and hilarity that my brain usually hosts. But I just feel plain. No new insights into the brilliant business plan of buying that shut-down funeral home and turning it into a haunted hotel (The Dead and Breakfast) have crossed my mind today. I think I should miss that? I enjoyed making that plan.

  • Energy. Yeah... I don't has it. I yawn a lot but that tends to wear me out. The only exception? Math lessons. For whatever reason, I get a major rush from teaching math. I don't know either.

  • Mood swings without laughter. I seem to be alternating between grumpy, tearful, miserable, and bitterly angry. At nothing. I am currently considering going after the guy who edited down the Jennyanydots dance number in the CATS movie. Intellectually, I can see that this might be unreasonable. 
It's possible a lot of this is due to stress, lack of sleep, or whatever. Here's what would help:

1. Chocolate.

2. I need a new endocrinologist. One who will tell me what treatment I need and then actually arrange for me to get that treatment. And not change the dates of my treatment without telling me and then act like it's my fault. Well, look who just swung back to bitterly angry.

3. I need my meds adjusted.

4. And a good lead on the perfect location for the bakery. Oy.

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