Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Back to Florida's House

My kids still get a little mixed up and reassert their old idea that Florida is a person and we stay at her house on vacation.

Back in June, I started putting aside the cash I received for cakes. Not the checks, just the cash. I kept it in the safe and pretended it didn't exist. We had been kicking around the idea of taking one last family vacation before I give up my steady income and embark on the real bakery adventure. I wanted to see if my cakery could contribute to this last vacation. I did ok. The cake cash paid for a week in a rental house and tickets to Sea World. And the toll roads. And all the parking. Not too bad!

Aargh! Setting off for adventure... a cold cold day, posing in front of our neighbor's house.

The mandatory McDonald's stop on the way
After a long, long, long, long, long day in the car... but hey! Nobody threw up! <knockwood> We arrived at Florida's house. This is one of the nicest places we've rented which is really surprising considering it's super-affordability.

There are a bunch of playgrounds in this community.

Aaaaah! Out of the car time!

The rental house has a lake with a dock by the pool and playground.

It was too cold for the pool, but the dock was interesting after a full day in the car.
There are adventures planned for the next few days. I hope they work how they're supposed to...

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