Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Much Better...

The last time we were in Orlando, we booked a character breakfast at the Contemporary Resort.  It was a nice buffet breakfast and the characters were great! It would have been a fabulous experience... except for one thing... Emi was sick. I mean, really sick. The highlight was when she threw up at the table. Yeah. That happened.

So, we decided to try again. And this time was much better! Nobody threw up! 

It was early o'clock, y'all.

Nobody threw up!

The boy's favorite!

Goofy signing our autograph books

Goofy ^ 3

Mickey signing autographs

Chef Mickey

Donald signing autographs

Emi loved Donald

She can't believe how he's signing that book...


He's smitten

 After breakfast, we wandered around the hotel a bit. This was near the restaurant. It's HUGE, I mean HUGE and made of real gingerbread. The gingerbread men around the base of the tree are standard, large gingerbread man size.

This is about as much vacation as I can take. Oy, my legs are tired! Back to the rental house for some rest today. 

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