Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Crazy Town

I knew things were going too well.

I mean, I found a great, affordable spot for the bakery. The whole family is happy and healthy. Everything was going great! Then the crazy train dropped into town.

It started with a snarky comment. It was the usual, "Why does the cake cost so much?" but it was coming from someone who does a service where she charges a LOT for her time. I mean... really? Your time is valuable, but mine isn't?
Irritating, but not important. Deleted!

Then came the call from the health inspector. Actually, it was an e-mail last night that said, "Call me ASAP". So I called him ASAP. It seems someone (he told me who- I'll not share their identity here because enough people already hate her) turned me in for selling cakes out of an un-inspected bakery. Ummm... what? It seems she saw my ad in the birthday guide edition of Auburn-Opelika Parent Magazine and decided to ignore the "Grand Opening on August 17th" part. Sigh.

So, I did the most logical thing I could do: I asked the health inspector to meet me at the shop first thing in the morning "to check it out and tell me how I'm doing so far at getting the place up to code". And he did. This morning, he came to the shop while I was finishing a meeting with the pest control people and walked straight into the kitchen. No food, no ingredients, no cakes there. In fact, one of the ovens is on the floor, waiting to be installed and the counter is piled with paint and spackle cans.


But I'm really glad he contacted me. Partly because that other person was WRONG (and should be made to wash her hair in hot dog water) and partly because I've been wanting some more input on what else is left to get the place up to snuff. And it was really nice to have someone who saw the place "before" tell me how well I'm doing so far. Especially someone whose opinion really matters, you know?

Rounding out the hit parade of insanity is the knock on the door that happened right after I hung up the phone from inviting the health inspector to the bakery. It was our super-nice neighbor. We like him a lot because he moved into the house previously occupied by a convicted child molester... so he's a huge improvement. Anyway, it seems our not-so-nice neighbor is getting released from jail today and nice neighbor was giving us a heads-up. Because not-so-nice neighbor likes to try to run people over. Not figuratively. That's why he was in jail this time- he almost hit a baby carriage when he was trying to sideswipe nice neighbor last fall.


So there's that layer of crazy.

There's a break coming, though. I can see it!