Tuesday, January 1, 2013

EP-COT in the Act Part II

There's more to EPCOT that just Princesses.

"Heresy!" you may claim.

But no... there's more. If I were the boy, here's how I would caption these pictures:

Woot! I get to pull levers on this fire truck!
I usually have to wait for the firemen to get distracted before I can do this at home!
I do not appreciate how impressive the animation is on this Nemo ride.

Lunch with the cousins. I have no idea how expensive this restaurant is, so I'm going to ask for dessert six times.

Waiting in line for another princess? Really? Woe is me.
Didn't we already meet this one? 

I'm UNDER this huge ball thing! Physics!

I have no idea that I'm about to fall, booty-first, into that shrubbery.

I appreciate science rides far more than a six year-old should.

Pluto's doghouse has lights on it!

My mom made us these autograph books for Christmas. In a strange coincidence, I can use them at Disney!
I will never understand that my mom saw that coming!

Mickey Mouse has always loved me.

How many pictures are we gonna take?

I think Minnie likes me.

What the-?

The compound interest piggy bank game rules!

Storm readiness is pretty fun.

After dark, this sidewalk lights up! Lights! Lights I can step on!
Stop taking my picture so I can jump on them!

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