Tuesday, January 1, 2013

EP-COT in the Act

It seems wrong, somehow, to come to Orlando and not go to at least one Disney attraction. I believe this is due to decades of exposure to the bajillions of dollars the mouse has spent on advertising, carefully worming his way into our collective unconscious. So we go to a Disney Park when we come to Orlando. This year, for various reasons, we chose EPCOT.

Protip: get there right at opening and there's almost nobody there!
Early and cold, but you can take whatever pics you want with nobody getting in the way of your shot.

You know how my kids are... Captain Science and the Princess? And you know how EPCOT is? All sciencey and full of Princesses? It seemed like the obvious choice.

We started the day in Norway at the World Showcase. I'd booked reservations* for breakfast... and it was goooooood. All you can eat fruit, yogurt, and breads bar with all you can eat hot food served family-style at the table. Holy cow.

But we weren't there for the food. It was a story-book breakfast: 

Complete with real story book
The place was lousy with Princesses.

More on this one in a moment.

Good grief.  OK, who'm I kidding? I loved it, too.

OK, see this picture? This is the Princess Procession that happens during breakfast. All the princesses in the room join the big princesses and parade through the dining room. Emi refused to join the first time. But then... Cinderella came by our table and whispered Emi a secret. After that, the Bug was willing to take her new BFF's hand and join the parade, clutching Cinderella's hand the whole time. That's why she's all up on Cinderella up there in the front. 

We got a professional picture with Belle when we entered the restaurant... I'll scan that one and add it after we get home. And then, later in the day:

It just feels more complete now. Aaaah.

And that concludes the princess portion of our EPCOTtery. Up next: the other stuff.

*Huge love to my Stray Cat team for helping make this breakfast possible. xoxoxo

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