Saturday, February 16, 2013


The doctor upped my meds again. The fatigue, peeling fingernails, and crankiness were symptoms of hypothyroid. The other stuff... unfortunately... not. So it's off to another doctor on Tuesday to see what's causing the weird pain stuff. But, for now, we celebrate the upping of the meds!

Up to the purple pill now.

If you've never experienced an increase in a synthetic thyroid hormone, you're missing out. This is my third time experiencing this particular ride. That's an apt description... ride. You know how, on the teacups ride at Disney, you're all loopy and exhilarated? It's like that. Slightly out of control, a little spinny, but enjoyable. And I either have more energy:

or else I just think I have more energy:

And sometimes it's like this:

But mostly it's like this:

I should really take a break from reddit for a while. :/ But hey, at least I'm feeling better. Today is day one on the new purple dose. I should level out by next week. In the meantime, I'll enjoy the wackiness.

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