Thursday, February 21, 2013

Answered Prayers

I am all kinds of feeling like a quokka.

The official mascot of Mandiland

So many good things have been rolling my way. I have a strong suspicion that they're the result of a certain friend who added me to her prayer list. She seems to have a direct line to the big man, because her prayers got answered much more quickly than mine. I need to bake her a cake or something.

The answered prayers:

Kids' strep: They're fine. Both monsters are acting fine, rashes are fading, pustules are dry... it's such a relief.

My strep: Three doses of amoxicillin and I'm feeling loads better. No more sore throat or chills.

The parent/teacher conference: We had our first parent/teacher conference as concerned parents. It turned out better than I ever considered it could. It's a huge relief.

Cakeless: I took this week off from cakes so that I could have a little break. And it was starting to really bug me. I was itching to bake something. Like a physical compulsion... it was stressful! And then... someone happened to call and request a cake. And they were so nice and they wanted some of my favorite decorations... so I just pulled a polka-dotted cake out of the oven. And I feel better already. I'll decorate it tomorrow night and get my fix.

Radiation: The earliest appointment I was able to get at UAB was April 2nd. So I've been waiting. Last night at the strep doctor, I told her about my recent worries and the biopsy I had Tuesday. She wrote a note in my chart and said she would try something. And guess what? Today, a cutie pants girl from my doctor's office called. She was able to parlay my newest problems into an earlier appointment at UAB. Much earlier. February 27! So we're thankful for the newest symptoms that helped me get an earlier appointment.

But there's more... the UAB appointment is Feb. 27 in the afternoon. But I don't have to take another sick day to get there. Why? Because I already took that day for the first* three-hour dental repair session. So it's perfect.

I'm feeling so much relief right now. There are no words.

*Turns out, having thyroid cancer can cause some problems with calcium absorption. And I haven't been asserting my dental concerns as much as I should have in recent years. So there's some damage that needs attention. Luckily, we have dental insurance. It'll be great before you know it!

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