Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Another Day, Another Copay

Another day, another biopsy. Today's was an endometrial biopsy. I'll spare you the whys and hows. I should get the results next week and there's more testing coming in early March. Until then, there's not much to report. Just... ouch.

<Do NOT, by the way, search "ouch" in google images for an adorable image to go in your blog.>

Is it thyroid cancer-related? Maybe. The most likely explanation is that there was something going on but the thyroid stuff masked the symptoms. Now that the thyroid is under control(ish), the other thing is making itself known. At least, that's my theory. And it's no good speculating on what it is... nothing good comes from considering the possibilities. So... let's consider the happy!

The good news is that I have a doctor for this one that I know and I trust and who has always taken very good care of me in the past. I mean, hey, he's the one who caught my cancer! I couldn't be in better hands.

Also, there are amazing and happy things afoot! The girl has lost her first tooth!

She was very proud of herself.
The boy's scarlet fever is clearing up! So is the girl's strep! And both of their crazies have returned full-force.

And, in the last week, I have received hugs from both a former student and a former teacher. Both very needed at the time. I mean, what's better than that?

I have this upcoming weekend off from caking! How cool is that? A whole weekend of family time sans deliveries or coloring buttercream. What will I do with myself? No, really. What should we do? (My apologies to the cake orders I turned down in order to get this free weekend.)

The flowers I got for Valentine's still look and smell really good:

Roses with swirly centers are my favorite. And snapdragons. And peonies.
And there are only 66 more days of school (I hear). Then I'll officially be a full time bakerpreneur:

Not cool, tiger. Do you know how long it took us to make that???

There are unopened Girl Scout cookies in the kitchen... temporarily.

My phone contract is almost up and so there's a good chance I can upgrade my phone on the cheap(ish).

Cheapish is fun to say.

It's a new Dance Moms tonight.

I no longer feel the need to have a Ghosthunters night at school (which IS haunted, I don't care what you say) because I had a personal Ghosthunters moment at a recent cake delivery. So, you know, we can mark that off the bucket list. I'm good. Don't need to do that again.

Diet Dr. Pepper.

Ulysses S. Grant:

And this was cool. Remember the Starry Night cake?

Apparently, it inspired someone to try to make their own. Check me out, I'm inspirational.

Oh, and I got this on clearance yesterday at Target:

You know Palpatine never dispensed delicious gumballs.

I tell ya... if I were any better, I'd be a quokka. They look like this, in case you were wondering:

I'm also a great Scrabble word!

So... I guess.. days are full of moments. Some moments are biopsies that you have to get through. Some moments are talking Darth Vader gumball machines and pictures of beloved college mascots clutching a cake dummy that you spent hours making. You don't have to have a biopsy every day. But you can have a quokka moment everyday.

So it balances tips WAY toward the side of good awesome.

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  1. That starry night cake is a-w-e-s-o-m-e. That's my sister's favorite painting.