Tuesday, March 26, 2013

That Was a Good One

Today's surgery was probably the last one I'll have at EAMC... I hope. And if it is, I'm going out on a high note. This one was easy peasy.

Here's what I love:

I love my husband. He's the best surgery companion ever. I don't know how I got so lucky, but I swear, I had no intention of all of this when we said, "In sickness and in health."

I love my mom. She's came all the way down here to take care of my kids today while I was in the surgery. And that's saying a lot since the boy is still recovering from his tonsils and the girl had a major allergy attack and ended up looking like a raccoon today.

I love the heaters in the beds I had today. Hot, hot air blowing under the blankets at me... so nice. They even had one in the OR for me. 

I love the nurses at the surgery center. They know me because I've been up there seven times in the last year and a half and because I bring them cupcakes. Today, I brought those cinnamon things that everybody likes, and I hear they were gone before they even called me to pre-op.

I love my doctor. This is the same doctor who delivered my babies and found my cancer. He's a Tech grad like me and he (coincidentally) has the same middle name (Candler) as my son. So, he's pretty top-notch in my book. 

I asked the doctor yesterday what flavor of cake he wanted for today. I need to keep my hands busy before surgery so I don't stress. He picked chocolate peanut butter, "But I'll share it up there." So I said, "I always bring the nurses something too, so you don't have to share," and he was like, "Well, we'll see."

Yes, we will.

So I made him this:

And tons of people asked for Cakeapotamus cards when they saw it which was really nice. 

Talking to the doctor before surgery, I could tell he liked the cake. He was going to take it home for his wife. D'awww. He said, "It looks good, even if it doesn't taste good." 

I know. He's the perfect doctor for me.

After the surgery (which was fine), I was in recovery, chatting with the nurses for the last time. Sniff. That's when I found out the cinnamon things were long gone. So I said, "Well, Dr. P said yesterday that he'd share his cake." And they said, "Nope. He said it's patient's orders that he take it home."

Patient's orders.

I love that. 

Lots of love today. No, I'm not doped up. I'm just taking Advil for this one.

Piece of cake.

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