Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dear me.

Dear self,

You don't get normal headaches. Ever. When you think you have a headache, you're wrong. How many times are you going to learn this lesson?

You get migraines. And where were the migraine meds today? At home. And where were you? At work. Sigh.

You get migraines and they all aura differently. Every. Time. Tunnel vision, wavy vision, tiny headaches, metallic taste... they always start differently. They always end the same.

Today, your migraine started with violent nausea. Remember when you were like, "Could this be a migraine?"? Yeah, the answer to that question has never been "no".

Put the freakin' meds in your purse. Drink your coffee in the morning. Stop missing work for lame stuff like this. You need to save your sick days for radiation.


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