Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Broken

Spring break 2013 is upon us! Time to break out the swimsuits and plant some snapdragons! Except... it's 37 degrees outside. And the boy is recovering from surgery, miserable and in pain. And I'm having surgery in the morning. But other than that, swimsuits and snapdragons and other compound words, all the way.

Tomorrow morning's surgery should be pretty easy. I'll be in and out, four procedures, and then home the same day. I'll be back to making wedding cakes in no time! And by "no time", I mean Saturday.

There's more good news: The boy can almost make it to two hours before he's begging for more pain meds. So that's pretty good.

Even better: I got a pre-surgical pedicure to go with my fancy pre-surgical shower scrubs.

And the best of all: I got a radiation date! April... something! I wrote it down on something in my purse. Woo hoo! The plan is:
Monday: drive to Birmingham, get a shot, drive home
Tuesday: drive to Birmingham, get a shot, check into a hotel
Wednesday: get some labs, then check into the hospital, get dosed with radiation, spend the night in isolation
Thursday: drive to mom's house, hole up in the downstairs for a few days while the radiation works its way (mostly) out of my body
The next week, I'll head home (as much as I can), return to UAB on Wednesday for a scan, and then be back at work on Thursday.

No problem!

It's a huge relief to have this much settled before I confine myself to my bed for a couple of days to recuperate. Although, I am looking forward to watching movies and eating frozen girl scout cookies...

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