Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thyroid surgery, take two!

Hands down, the worst part of this surgery is the fact that I had to cancel a really big cake order for this weekend. In fact, right at this moment, that function is happening without cakes made by me. And that is just beyond unfortunate.

The cancer part sucks, too.

On the bright side, this surgery was way easier than last week's. I'm not sure why that is. It was supposed to be way rougher on me. Operating on a neck that had not yet healed was supposed to be really painful and miserable. But nope. For whatever reason, this one hurts much less than last week's. No nausea from anesthesia like last week, and I was much more energetic after this one- awake earlier, hungrier, more likely to roam the hallways of the hospital in the wee hours. I've taken no pain meds since a few hours after the surgery. And my nurse even let me leave the floor and wander the gift shop this morning. I've got my voice back (almost) already and it doesn't hurt to swallow like I thought it would. 

The incision looks about the same: 

I still love that shower curtain.

probably because he just cut along the dotted line. 

And I did manage to make a little cake yesterday before I went to the hospital:

War Cake Eagle!
only because it was small and quick and easy. And because I didn't hear back from the orderer when I tried to cancel it, so I panicked and went ahead and made it early so the baby wouldn't be stuck without a birthday cake.

I also threw down some lemon cupcakes for my nurses. As you might expect, I was asked for way more business cards after the lemon cupcakes than I was last week after the chocolate-peanut butter. 

Final count for this one:
Sprite Zeros: only 2
cranberry juices: 9 (yep)
packs of graham crackers: 3
packs of Captains Wafers: 5

Good times. But sheesh, this HAS TO be the last surgery of 2012, right?

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  1. I certainly hope this is your last surgery for 2012!! Glad to hear it is going fairly well this time around, all things considered. {{hugs}}