Thursday, December 20, 2012

One more... just one more...

Tomorrow is the last day of school before that sprawling seven day Christmas break. We've all been white-knuckling it through the mind-boggling winter weirdness that happens with a school full of kids who are newly too old to believe in Santa Claus. I'd write about what happens, but a) you wouldn't believe me and 2) FERPA Claus would get me.

One more day and I'll officially be halfway through my last year of teaching.

Even with the crazy train pulled thoroughly into town, the idea of this being my last year is bittersweet. There are some parts of teaching that I love and I will miss with my whole heart. My kids... my school babies... are like watching grass grow. On any given day, they are obnoxious, rude, and difficult. They elevate poor decision making to an art. But if you look at them over time, you can see real progress there. Every day they get the tiniest bit better. It doesn't look like much each day, but when you see them a year or two later, their growth and maturity is stunning.

My coworkers are a special kind of awesome. I try to imagine not sharing a building with my three amigos next year and I can't quite grasp it. These people see my fervent need to have a Christmas jack o'lantern and still speak to me. Not only that, but I kinda think I'm not the only one there who thinks Santa should really have Claws. There are good people teaching the kids all over my school. Not just good teachers, but good people. They are underrated and underappreciated in this world as teachers have always been. I have been privileged to be among them for the last seven years.

That was entirely too serious.

Let's talk Xombie Apocalypse.

Since the world is going to end (again) tomorrow, I hope everyone has gone to Kroger to stock up on bread and milk. Don't worry about batteries or toilet paper... those things will just sort themselves out.

Remember that xombies hate fire are are easily distracted. And the old saying about how you don't have to be faster than the xombies, you just have to be faster than one of your friends will be especially relevant in the coming days. As much as I love my coworkers, I will not hesitate to kick out your knee cap if it looks like the xombies are gaining on us. Sorry.

See you at the aftermath!


p.s. Get it? Aftermath? Because there's math at a school and this is my last year of teaching math, so the after math is coming... see what I did there? I pulled it back around. And that, children, is how you form a relevant conclusion.

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