Monday, December 3, 2012

A Little R&R...

In the zoo world, R&R stands for regurgitation and reingestion. That's an abnormal behavior you see in captive great apes, particularly gorillas where they... well, like the name says. I used to have to collect data on R&R. Ah, the glamorous world of animal behavior.

I'm trying to tell myself that I'm not a slacker for taking today and tomorrow off of work. Overall, I feel fine, and it's like I'm playing hooky. Like a snow day without snow. I keep reminding myself that my body is processing all the meds and anesthesia that I've had over the last two weeks- hence the random nap attacks that knock me out from time to time. And my neck has open drains in it this time... the draining should slow down by Wednesday, but it would be awkward to try to teach with the wound as open as it is today. And, there are the red spots from my tape allergy.

I look tired.

I'm trying to get out of the house as much as I can. I went shopping yesterday for Advent calendars and eggs. Again, the glamour!

Status (so I don't forget in case I need to know later): still not taking any pain meds. That leaves me with 10 pills a day (antibiotics, calcium, and synthetic thyroid). Doss got me this pill-minder to help me keep up with what I'm taking and when.

I think this is romantic.
No pain, but it is uncomfortable to yawn. Swallowing is also uncomfortable- there's a permanent lump in my throat like after you cry really hard. Not really permanent though- the good doctor promises it'll fade away soon.

I'll find out Friday morning if the cancer had spread to the left lobe or lymph nodes. Until then, it seems my biggest worry is the cold sore threatening to appear under my nose and my compulsive picking of the Dermabond on my neck. And really, if those are my biggest concerns, I'm a lucky, lucky girl... who needs to paint her nails.

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