Sunday, May 13, 2012

I Like Mother's Day ALOT.

I like Mother's Day. It's better than Christmas (don't judge me!) but not as good as Halloween. This year was the best Mother's Day yet- with the imminently notable exception of losing Aunt Roberta (my daughter's namesake) yesterday. 

I didn't get to see my mom today, but that's OK... we're going for a Mother's Day redo next weekend... so it's the holiday that just keeps on giving. 

My superkids and awesome husband got me some great gifts. We went to a fancy lunch at Niffers where the superkids were encouraged to color on the walls. And I made a cake. I took some time to make a cake, just for fun:

It's an alot. And it was fast and fun to make.

One thing I almost never get to see after I make a cake, is how it gets eaten. This Mother's Day, I went supermom (or crazymom) and let the kids have this cake:

challenge accepted.

my kids love fondant



who ate the alot's mouth?

Happy Mother's Day, all!

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