Sunday, May 6, 2012

Coming up for air

I have been remiss in posting since the surgery in March. And now, six weeks later, here's what I think:
It. Was. Awesome.

I've had not one moment of regret since the surgery. I'm healing uncharacteristically well. All in all, a great experience as surgeries go. And I've had a LOT of surgery.

Best of all, the doctor told me that I would feel better after this operation. He said it would be like having an extra hour in the day. He was right. I can cake until midnight and not have to take any breaks to rest my back. It's mind boggling. 

No regrets. Except that I didn't do it sooner.

But, I've been busy. I mean, BIZZ-AY.

I was listening to someone vent on the phone last week, and she told me that I don't know what stress is. I was, I admit, taken aback. I mean, I've been actively working to manage my stress over the past few weeks... and if I don't know what stress is, then what have I been doing? Then I realized... she doesn't really know what my life is like. I don't think anyone really does. So here, for posterity, is what my life was like in the beginning of 2012:

I had my gall bladder out on New Years eve- suddenly, I was in a LOT less pain. I hadn't known how sick I was.

I have a four year-old and a five year-old. Both are going through alternatingly socially awkward and clingy phases. 

I work full time as a teacher of kids who... are not the best decision makers. And, more bothersome, they have NO IDEA how great they are. And I can't figure out how to convince them. Of course, the spring includes such iconic teaching experiences as adolescent hormone spring fever and the pinnacle of the educational experience: state testing (where I floated to different classrooms, administering tests for teachers who had to be absent).

I'm enrolled in two classes in business school: Business Communication which involves making speeches and fake job interviews and Microeconomics which involves far more marginal cost than benefit. I finished the term without losing my 4.0. 

I had my second surgery of 2012 in March and am still, technically, in recovery.

I'm still making cakes- I've set the limit of one big or two smallish cakes per week to try to keep my sanity. But I hate telling people no... and I end up sometimes doing 5 cakes in a week including a last-minute wedding cake. 

That's a lot of stuff to cram in a week. I know what stress is. 

I wish I had more time to go to the gym. I wish I had more time with my husband! But we're doing the best we can.

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