Thursday, July 19, 2012

Best Summer Ever

We've had many, many adventures this summer. Yesterday's shenanigans were particularly awesome for the monsters.

They started their day at my mom's where they ate bacon all morning. I remember thinking that 9am was pretty early in the day to peak. I mean, what can be better than hours of unlimited bacon access at Grandmama's?

I call the one on the top "Kevin"
But no! The day was about to get even better.

Not the part where I got lost at Midtown. That part wasn't fun. But the kids helped me navigate the labyrinth of one-way streets by repeatedly asking if I knew where I was going. 

This was not here when I was at Tech.

Eventually, however, we made it past the sketchy parking lot attendant and into the Imagine It! Children's Museum. It was like they'd finally found their mother ship.

You can really milk the cow next to the banana slide.

a play kitchen

SO MUCH play food

if Tinker Toys wore clothes, these guys would shop at Lane Bryant

the ball factory was a HUGE deal

There are 4 shopping carts in the whole exhibit. Competition for them got pretty fierce. 

sliding boxes down the conveyor belt


there's a viewing bubble in the stream

clay tables

paint on the walls

more ball factory


I was glad to see my kids are not the only ones who think scales tell what something costs.

Oh, ball factory. How we mourn your distance.

I guess I score some mompoints by taking them to an interactive museum? Or is it too much? The neverending story of balancing excess and deprivation that is parenting.

All that and they still didn't take a nap.

The best part, though, and the reason I wrote this entry (besides wanting to dump the pictures of my phone) was this conversation that happened after we left a Wendy's drive thru:

Boo: "I got the same toy I already had." <really? We go to Wendy's twice a year and the kid gets the same thing both times?>
Bug: "I got a different toy!"
Boo: "You could share it with me?"
Bug: "No."
Me: "Bug, it would be sweet if you would share."
Bug: "But mommy, you said kids don't like to share when they first get a new toy."
Me: "Yes, but sometimes, super-sweet kids will share new toys."
Boo: "You're not super sweet. Keep doin' what you're doin'."

Best summer ever.


  1. My kids LOVED that museum. Too bad I practically had to take out a loan to pay for it. WHY do they make the adults pay? And Dominic was 2 but oh have to be UNDER 2 to be free. Whatev's, it was still awesomesauce!

    1. Totally awesomesauce. The membership is a good deal. We've been back a few times, so it was worth it. And, it's reciprocal- so we get in to the children's museum in Chattanooga for free on vacation.