Saturday, October 11, 2014

The List *Updated

This is the list of body parts I've had removed, not including tumors, mucoceles, mixomas, and such. I'm also not including the two times I had complete human beings cut out of me. The actual surgery list is much longer- this is just the parts removed, current as of 10/14.

This list is in chronological order, for the morbidly curious.

And no, I do not have plans to have anything else removed any time soon. I never do.

Most of my large intestine (Hirschprung's disease- you can google it)
Wisdom teeth
Gall bladder
most of my breast tissue
right side and isthmus of my thyroid
left side of my thyroid (and radiation to ablate any little pieces)
Uterus, both Fallopian tubes and ovaries

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