Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dr. Boo

I haven't been writing enough lately. Somebody needs to keep my blogs up to date for me...

Yesterday was Boo's eighth birthday party though he wasn't officially eight until today. He has become obsessed with Dr. Who and so a Gallifrey-inclined party was the order of the day.

Of course, he wanted the 10th Doctor there for his party:

And when Mommy- oh, excuse me, Mom. As of now, I'm "Mom". Sad. But anyway, when mom can't tie your tie correctly, it's good to have the Doctor on hand:

Decorating the bakery was a lot of fun. 

Everyone hates Cassandra
You can tell the Whovians from the Muggles by the way they step back from the crack in the universe:
I almost left this up. I loved it so.
And Bad Wolf everywhere:


Like any good mom, I spray painted a bunch of plungers and bought whisks so the kids could be daleks.

 "The kids"...
And I made a cake:

 It was striped inside:

Doctor-themed foods

And "make a baby adipose" out of marshmallows:

Opening presents with friends:

I love this pic: The Little Doctor sitting next to the Big Doctor's fiancee:

I think he had a good day. Any day you get unlimited access to Pixie Stix is a good day:

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