Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Captain's Log: Day 3

Today, I'm struck by how amazingly fortunate I am. Here's why I'm lucky:

1. Stage 1/ thyroid: the easiest stage of the easiest brand of cancer to beat. It's like playing Fruit Ninja on Zen mode.

2. 1.8 cm. That's wee. And that was the "big"one. If there are others, they'll be even wee'er. And that's awesome because wee'er, however challenging to spell, is fun  to say.

3. It doesn't hurt.

4. We caught it early. The original plan was to have the right lobe taken out after Christmas or even spring break. Getting it done this month was GREAT thing. Now we can get it all done before it was originally scheduled to start.

5. I have plenty of sick days accrued that I can use for the occasional surgery or radiation treatment if need be. (This would not be true if I were deep in the throes of opening a bakery.)

6. The people for whom I was going to cake this weekend have been very understanding about me cancelling for the next surgery.

7. Even the worst case scenario, if there's cancer in the left lobe, the local lymph nodes, and other lymph nodes, and I have to go in for real cancer treatment, then I still have options. The brand new, fancy pants Cancer Treatment Center of America in Newnan (which, by the way, opened the same WEEK that these tumors were found) takes our insurance. In fact, it seems to be some kind of fancy cancer spa. I'm intrigued and nowhere near as scared of the big-kid cancer scenario.

8. Speaking of insurance, we added supplemental cancer insurance this year. It took effect October 1. I was diagnosed November 26. True story.

9. All those weird symptoms make sense. When this is all over, I'll be able to regulate my body temperature again!

10. I have already reduced my chances of it spreading and becoming breast cancer by 9 pounds. Because I'm nothing if not proactive.

11. I have awesome, supportive friends who help me keep the proper perspective. Case in point: a copy/paste my new favorite e-mail:
" Are you going to rename your bakery Cancerpotamus? Cake for the Cure? The Susan G. Cakeman Foundation?"

What more could I ask for?