Thursday, September 6, 2012

Like Prozac but without the funny aftertaste*

*I've never actually taken Prozac, but I assume it has a bitter aftertaste. Because it's an SSRI... and everybody knows SSRIs are the snobs of the antidepressant world. It's right there in the name. Selective SRI. What? My serotonin isn't good enough for you to inhibit its reuptake?

I'm so glad all those psychopharmacology courses are finally paying off in snark fodder.

Moving forward, here are things on the internet that have recently made me happy. I didn't create them, but I want to preserve a link to their jollity.

First, the cheeseball story. I can't believe this isn't my family.

Then, there's the Chatroulette Call Me Maybe video. Now, this is totally and completely inappropriate. Nobody needs to see that. But if you watch the reactions on the left side, you HAVE TO smile. Especially when the groups of guys sing along. Seeing other people laugh makes you happy. (How's my serotonin looking now, Prozac?)

Oh! And there's the Portal 2 proposal! Now how sweet is that? This guy actually got a programmer and THE voice of GLaDOS to create an alternate game where his girlfriend ended up in a wedding chapel. Come on! That level of geeky devotion is hard to find.

And James Hance. We have the "Someone Who Loves You" print in our bedroom and I got Doss the "At-Ore" print for his office. Looking at the prints make me feel warm and fuzzy.

Text From Dog will almost always make me laugh until I cry.

Dani's blog about tootery. I'll let her elaborate. Normally, I don't find tootery amusing... but this one. Oh, geez.

Hyperbole and a Half: The God of Cake and the better pain scale.

Missing Missy. Because sometimes, being a jerk is hilarious.

Now I gotta go make a cake.

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