Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I've been married for EIGHT years. So has Doss. That's unbelievable, y'all. EIGHT years! Yeesh.

This year, for our anniversary, I decided to show Doss how much I care by contracting a stomach bug on vacation and getting violently ill all over Chattanooga. You're welcome, honey.
The very nice people at the doc-in-the-box gave me some shots in the posterior so that I could survive the drive home.

Before that, though, the vacation was awesome!

We went to Chattanooga to try and squeeze the very last bit of fun out of summer vacation.

The traditional family vacation bear building

The clinic at the children's museum
complete with x-ray display and wheelchair
music stuff
water factory
petting stingrays at the aquarium

But the best part is my anniversary present. Check it out:

I got a display case for my bakery. Way better than flowers, right?

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