Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What Did You Do This Weekend?

I got a message from my daughter's kindergarten teacher yesterday. It had a picture of my child's daily journal and an explanation of the picture.

This picture is full of misery.
The writing prompt was, "What did you do this weekend?" My daughter wrote about how her mean mom made her clean her room. See, that's her all sad, putting away her doll. Heartbreaking, isn't it?

Yeah, it kind of is.

Do you know why it's heartbreaking? Do you?

That child had an amazing weekend. Yes, she had to clean her room there at the end of it, but that was not the bulk of her weekend. "What", you may ask, "was the bulk of her weekend?" Well, let's see...

She got to go to her friend's birthday party at the bakery. It was a pretty cool party, she got to whack a pinata.

She didn't mention the pinata in her journal.

It's actually a pretty big deal that she got to go to a party at the bakery. They're almost always for people we don't know, and my kids have to clear out when the party starts. But this time, she got to participate. She even got to make slime with the Ghostbusters. Slime. Ghostbusters.

"Whatever you do, kids, don't write about this in your journals at school on Tuesday."
Then she gave a lollipop to Darth Vader:
It was a pink one:

How many other kids in her kindergarten class could journal that tale? Not one. But, hey, writing about your mean mom making you clean your room is fine too.

No, this post isn't over. Not even close. You see, after our friend's party, it was time for another one! "Whose party was it?" you may ask.

My daughter's. Yup, her own birthday party didn't rate a mention.

Immediately following the first party, Vader presented my child with a gift: the sparkly silver high heeled shoes she's been wanting. Of course, Darth Vader giving you sparkly high heels is hardly worth mentioning in a daily journal.

She put on the shoes and the rest of her Frozen get-up and we started the princess portion of the day. Of course her party was not devoid of whimsy. Her BFF, Belle, was there as hostess:

Decorating cookies with Belle is totally unremarkable, apparently.
Her family and friends were there. They played games and ate food. There was music. Oh, and there was this:
I even drew that Olaf.
After weeks of asking me to find Elsa and invite her new favorite to her party, I finally stumbled on a way to get her there. It took some doing- five costumed characters at the bakery in one day requires a lot of coordination. But it happened! Elsa was there! She just wasn't in Tuesday's journal entry.

Elsa sang, Belle sang, stories, friends, presents, even a Ghostbuster... in a tiara. Because princess party, dangit.
I love this picture.

Oh, yes, she even got a little cake:

Playing with brand new gifts from your friends. With your friends. And Belle. In high heels. What is better than that?

Oh, there's more she could have written about. She had a super-special private sing along with Ariel on Sunday after another party. She got her favorite sesame chicken for dinner on Friday night. She even got a pretty cool gift from her family. She just didn't see fit to write about any of that.

In her defense, she claims she had to write about her mean mom making her clean her room (after working for three months to plan her birthday party) because her teacher had already heard all about the party. She therefore felt like she should impart new information. Sigh.

This will be funny one day, right?

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