Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bucket List

Death has been a recurrent theme around here lately. The kids have been asking the normal questions that preschoolers ask, and I've had more time for the gym, that special hell that will one day bring about my demise.

Every time the kids ask about a cemetery or the elliptical machine takes another year off my life, I start percolating on all the things I still need to do before I kick it. This, naturally, is the notion of a bucket list. My funeral may not (yet) be planned nor my cemetery plot paid for, but I can go ahead and start crossing items off my bucket list. 

If I had a bucket list.

As a responsible adult, I hereby create my bucket list. Some of the items are already crossed off because it'll make me feel more productive if I include things I've already done:

  • become an animal trainer
  • sell advice on ebay
  • get married
  • renew vows in all 50 states
  • get told I probably can't carry a baby to term (this happened twice)
  • carry a baby to term anyway (this also happened twice)
  • get a cake on Cake Wrecks Sunday Sweets
  • fix something meaningful
  • finish writing a book
  • sail the open seas
  • sing on stage at the Atlanta Fox Theater
  • make a perfect cupcake
  • bake a million dollars
  • *not going to write that one down- don't want to jinx it*
  • smell an Irish countryside
  • get a harp from John Popper
  • have a perfect day
  • quickly be a princess 
  • earn a black belt
  • get blue shoes that I can wear to work
  • sing on the stage of the Fox in Atlanta
  • find a Darth Vader cookie jar
  • ride a roller coaster with my son
  • go a full year working less than 3 jobs
  • be ok with a screwup
  • finish a 10K
List in progress and will be updated as needed.

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