Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Great Button Caper

Amazing things are afoot. That cape I made for the boy is actually working. I sew a button on there every time that he has a good day at school... and it's working! The number of think- times he got last week was much lower than weeks past.

I mean, he's still not perfect and he's still way too familiar with the whole time-out process. But if the opportunity to pick a plastic button for me to sew on his cape helps him develop his self-control, I'm all about it... even if it means my kid is the weirdo who wears a cape to school.

In other amazing news, for reasons that defy the very fiber of the universe, the girl continues her year-long streak of no think- times at school. That the boy gets think- times and the girl does not absolutely boggles my mind. It's a stark contrast from what we see at home where the girl elevates snark to an art form. I have no idea where she gets it.

Her buttons are sewn onto her Hello Kitty pillow.

They're both emerging readers. They're both extremely kind and loving. And they both had excellent table manners today at the Olive Garden (don't judge). I'm crazy lucky, but I think they mostly just take after their father. 

"Amazing" is the adjective du jour around here. Other amazing things: I've gotten to make cakes for some seriously lovable people lately, it's almost spring break, and I'm (finally, after wanting it for 23 years) having surgery on Friday. Oh! And my broom stands up by itself.

Too bad it doesn't sweep by itself.

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